Avast CERT

Accreditation Candidate
since 14 Sep 2020
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Team Details

Official Name Short Name Country
Avast CERT Avast CERT Czech Republic
Established Host Organisation
01 Aug 2019 Avast Software s.r.o.


Constituency Type Country of Constituency
Commercial Organisation -
ASNs, Domains, IP ranges Description
Our mission is to protect online security and privacy through our cross-platform privacy (VPN, AntiTrack) and cyber security (Antivirus, Anti-ransomware) products, both free and premium. The constituency is defined by internal systems and infrastructure of Avast and IP services related to Avast products, used by our customers. We are running bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure program for security researchers to enforce our security posture.

Team Contact Information

Main Number Emergency Number Fax Number
+420 274 005 666
+420 274 005 666
Email Other contact Postal Address
soc@avast.com - Avast Software s.r.o.
Pikrtova 1737
140 00 Praha 4-Nusle
Business Hours Timezone
0009-1700 Europe/Prague


User ID:      soc-trusted_introducer <soc@avast.com>
Fingerprint:  2033 8FC0 549E 0516 D797 FD8E FA2C 55A4 B09C 0CE6
Key type:     RSA/2048
Expires:      2022-07-07


Current State Entry Date
Accreditation Candidate
since 14 Sep 2020
29 Jul 2020
Date of Accreditation Date of Certification
- -


Date Description
14 Sep 2020 Avast CERT is now an accreditation candidate team
21 Aug 2020 Avast CERT is now a listed team