since 02 Mar 2015


Romanian National Computer Security Incident Response Team

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Team Details

Official Name Short Name Country
Romanian National Computer Security Incident Response Team CERT-RO Romania
Established Host Organisation
11 May 2011 Ministry of Communications and Information Society


Constituency Type Country of Constituency
National Romania
ASNs, Domains, IP ranges Description
57275 *
CERT-RO was established in 2011 by Government Decision no. 494/2011 as an independent structure in charge with preventing, analyzing, identifying and reacting to cybernetic incidents at national level.

CERT-RO constituency is composed of all users, systems and networks from Romanian cyberspace. This includes commercial, government and research/education oriented teams as well as service providers and ISPs.

CERT-RO is the Romanian national contact point for similar structures.

Team Contact Information

Main Number Emergency Number Fax Number
+40 31 6202187
+40 31 6202164
+40 31 6202190
Email Other contact Postal Address All incident reports should be sent to (PGP Key ID: 0xA31965AD). CERT-RO
8-10 Maresal Alexandru Averescu Avenue
Bucharest, Sector 1
Postal Code 011455
Business Hours Timezone
Monday to Fridy, 8am to 4:30pm GMT+02 / GMT+03


User ID:      CERT-RO <>
User ID:      CERT-RO <>
Key ID:       0xA1A53534       Key type:      RSA
Key size:     4096             Expires:       2020-01-28
Fingerprint:  3BFF1C47E3534104F913D436C1337644A1A53534


FIRST Full Member since 10 Jul 2012


Current State Entry Date
since 02 Mar 2015
12 Oct 2011
Date of Accreditation Date of Certification
09 Mar 2012 -


Date Description
02 Mar 2015 CERT-RO is no longer suspended
30 Aug 2014 CERT-RO is now suspended
09 Mar 2012 CERT-RO is now an accredited team
15 Dec 2011 CERT-RO is now an accreditation candidate team
12 Oct 2011 CERT-RO is now a listed team