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since 11 Apr 2019


Norwegian healthcare sector CERT
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Official Name Short Name Country
Norwegian healthcare sector CERT HelseCERT Norway
Established Host Organisation
01 May 2011 Norsk Helsenett


Constituency Type Country of Constituency
Government -
ASNs, Domains, IP ranges Description
Norwegian healthcare sector

Team Contact Information

Main Number Emergency Number Fax Number
+47 24 20 00 00
- -
Email Other contact Postal Address - Norsk Helsenett SF
PB 6123
7435 Trondheim
Business Hours Timezone
08.00-16.00 GMT+01 / GMT+02


User ID:      HelseCERT <>
User ID:      HelseCERT <>
User ID:      HelseCERT <>
Fingerprint:  9A67 4962 0942 3BEE 3B97 8F66 C6A1 025D FF27 4F63
Key type:     RSA/4096
Expires:      never


FIRST Full Member since 23 May 2011


Current State Entry Date
Re-Listing Pending
since 11 Apr 2019
19 Feb 2016
Date of Accreditation Date of Certification
- -


Date Description
11 Apr 2019 HelseCERT can now apply for re-listing
11 Mar 2016 HelseCERT is now a listed team