ICA Sistemas y Seguridad CiberSOC
since 13 Mar 2020
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Official Name Short Name Country
ICA Sistemas y Seguridad CiberSOC ICA SYS CiberSOC Spain
Established Host Organisation
01 Jan 2004 ICA Sistemas y Seguridad


Constituency Type Country of Constituency
Commercial Organisation, Financial Sector, Government, International Body, Law Enforcement, Military, Service Provider Customer Base, Vendor Customer Base -
ASNs, Domains, IP ranges Description
The CiberSOC purpose is serving as a preventive and reactive support related to ICT security CyberSecurity.
The CiberSOC supports incident response and security services for: Grupo ICA customers, including:
Spanish Enterprises and Public Administration. CiberSOC is a private initiative focused on CyberSecurity and ICT
security services on private companies and Public Administration, assuring their technology, business and resources.

General information about the CiberSOC, as well as links to various recommended security resources can be found at
https://www.grupoica.com/ciberseguridad and https://www.grupoica.com/sobre-nosotros

Team Contact Information

Main Number Emergency Number Fax Number
+34 913 110487
+34 913 110487
Email Other contact Postal Address
seguridad@grupoica.com - Calle La Rabida 27
28039 Madrid
Business Hours Timezone
24*7*365 Europe/Madrid


User ID:      Seguridad Grupo ICA <seguridad@grupoica.com>
Fingerprint:  02CD 63B0 E73A 5EFF 27B0 655C FCFA A38C 486F 9F6B
Key type:     RSA/4096
Expires:      never


FIRST Full Member since 23 May 2019


Current State Entry Date
since 13 Mar 2020
19 Feb 2020
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- -


Date Description
13 Mar 2020 ICA SYS CiberSOC is now a listed team