UITSEC Computer Security Incident Response Team
since 03 Jun 2020
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Fields describing the team

Team Details

Official Name Short Name Country
UITSEC Computer Security Incident Response Team UITSEC CSIRT Turkey
Established Host Organisation
01 Aug 2015 UITSEC


Constituency Type Country of Constituency
Commercial Organisation -
ASNs, Domains, IP ranges Description of Formal Constituency
UITSEC interacts with a wide range of organizations throughout Turkey.
UITSEC CSIRT offers service to private and public organization which has
a critical IT infrastructure to be protected. Logistics, energy,
education and finance are the key sectors UITSEC CSIRT offers service to.
On public side, our team mainly cooperates with municipalities.
Furthermore, UITSEC CSIRT supports its constituents for establishing
their own security operation center. When demanded, the team performs
all operations and undertakes all processes for setting up a security
operation center within the body of the constituent.

Team Contact Information

Main Number Emergency Number Fax Number
+90 530 155 27 65
Email Other contact Postal Address
- - Esentepe Mah. Buyukdere Cad. Astoria Sit. No: 127 B/2 Sisli Istanbul
Automated Reporting E-Mail Autom. Rep. Supported Formats
- -
Business Hours Timezone
24/7 Europe/Istanbul


Type:   RSA/4096    Expires: 2021-04-12 -- EXPIRED!
Fpr:    F3E6 97DF 365E 2B64 98F2 6E7B 62CB 0F72 5245 8A5A
UID:    UITSEC CSIRT <csirt@uitsec.com>


Current State Entry Date
since 03 Jun 2020
19 Apr 2017
Date of Accreditation Date of Certification
- -


Date Description
03 Jun 2020 UITSEC CSIRT has completed the re-listing process
10 May 2017 UITSEC CSIRT is now a listed team