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Official Name Short Name Country
Zorg-CERT Z-CERT Netherlands
Established Host Organisation
28 Nov 2016 Z-CERT is a separate (not-for-profit) organisation, which is supervised by a supervisory board consisting of members of our constituency. Z-CERT is a foundation with a not-for-profit objective. It was founded by a group of healthcare institutions to serve as their joint computer security incident response team. Z-CERT is expanding its constituency as health care institutions join up.


Constituency Type Country of Constituency
Non-Commercial Organisation, Research & Education Netherlands
ASNs, Domains, IP ranges Description
- - - Healthcare organisations in The Netherlands:
* At this moment all hospitals (ranging from academic "UMCs", top clinical "STZ" to "General" hospitals) as well as mental healthcare institutions ("GGZ") can register with Z-CERT as a participant. As the aimed constituency for Z-CERT is all healthcare organisations in The Netherlands, the present group will broaden in time. As such, the first organisations in the area of long term care are participating too.
* Note that Z-CERT's constituency is limited to health institutions in the Netherlands that join as a participant voluntarily. There is no requirement for health care institutions to join Z-CERT, and if they haven't done so, they are not (yet) part of Z-CERT's constituency.

Team Contact Information

Main Number Emergency Number Fax Number
+31 33 737 0609
+31 6 1228 7668
Email Other contact Postal Address - Z-CERT
Stationsplein 121
3818 LE Amersfoort
Business Hours Timezone
09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday GMT+01 / GMT+02


User ID:      Z-CERT 2018 team key <>
Key ID:       0xDD40E635       Key type:      RSA
Key size:     4096             Expires:       2019-02-01
Fingerprint:  F702 C0B2 C48A C75A F2DC 78F9 DA08 6998 DD40 E635




Current State Entry Date
since 16 Apr 2018
06 Oct 2017
Date of Accreditation Date of Certification
16 Apr 2018 -


Date Description
16 Apr 2018 Z-CERT is now an accredited team
02 Mar 2018 Z-CERT is now an accreditation candidate team
27 Oct 2017 Z-CERT is now a listed team