27 May 2020

Chat service via Rocket.Chat

The TI service provides a a new chat service to allow realtime collaboration especially in time of cyber security crisises. It is utilizing the well established TLS/SSL protocol and users are authenticated based on their TI X.509 user certificate utilizing the OpenID Connect IDP that is also newly introduced to make it much easier to integrate new services, regardless who might provide these services.

  • Hostname: chat.trusted-introducer.org
  • https, Port 443/tcp
  • Server certificate: provided by GEANT, not within the TI "private" PKI to avoid user problems

To get your personal TI X.509 user certificate, contact your team representative! She/he is able to register you using the TI Self Service at: https://up.trusted-introducer.org

Invite: If you would like to make one of your services available to the TI community via the OpenID Connect IDP, please contact us!