since 02 Jun 2016

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Team Details

Official Name Short Name Country
Established Host Organisation
07 May 2012 ComCERT SA


Constituency Type Country of Constituency
Commercial Organisation, Financial Sector Poland
ASNs, Domains, IP ranges Description
Our constituency consists of the institutions private, public or governmental - who signed an agreement to use our incident management services.
We continuously update our constituency according to the ASN, IP or domain data provided to us by our Customers.
Additionally, we treat the whole .pl domain as the domain of our special interest for further distribution of information to relative parties in the private and public sectors in Poland.

Team Contact Information

Main Number Emergency Number Fax Number
+48 22 1120683
+48 22 1120683
+48 22 1120684
Email Other contact Postal Address
- - ComCERT.PL
ul. Adama Branickiego 13
02-972 Warszawa
Business Hours Timezone
09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday except holidays Europe/Warsaw


User ID:      ComCERT SA <>
Fingerprint:  3638 F438 304B F950 A832 A2F6 960B C5AC 225D 4169
Key type:     RSA/4096
Expires:      never




Current State Entry Date
since 02 Jun 2016
21 Feb 2015
Date of Accreditation Date of Certification
02 Jun 2016 -


Date Description
02 Jun 2016 ComCERT.PL is now an accredited team
09 Mar 2016 ComCERT.PL is now an accreditation candidate team
21 Feb 2015 ComCERT.PL is now a listed team