Contact TI

The preferred way to contact the TI team is by e-mail:

This mailaddress is monitored during normal business hours (09:00 to 17:00 on work days, timezone GMT+1, GMT+2 with DST according to EU rules). As the TI team is using a trouble ticket system to track ongoing service events, for each new request a ticket number will be generated. This ticket number shall be used on all subsequent messages to make the life of each party involved easier and to avoid unnecessary ticket numbers.

Usually new requests and incoming information shall be processed within one working day, although for certain requests like team registrations, more time will be needed to clarify all open issues.

Confidentiality and Authenticity of Email Communication

To send confidential data encrypted to the TI team use the following public key, available through well known public PGP keyservers:

User ID:           Trusted Introducer (TI) ** TICKET SYSTEM ** key
Key ID: 0xA778F9E1
Key type: DSA and Elgamal
Key size: 1024D/4096Elg
Fingerprint: C5BB A470 AAD6 7013 2917 F1BF A648 80D2 A778 F9E1

The TI Team uses several GPG/PGP keys, whenever authenticity is essential. The key used to sign all of them is called "Master Signing" key! You can download it from well known public PGP keyservers:

User ID:           Trusted Introducer (TI) ** MASTER SIGNING ** key
Key ID: 0x5FB13822
Key type: RSA
Key size: 4064R
Fingerprint: 681B 2BED 38C2 1D78 9B47 113B 77DC 5D91 5FB1 3822

Telefax / Postal Mail

Documents can either be sent by postal mail or as fax to the given telefax number.

Postal Address

Trusted Introducer Service
c/o DFN-CERT Services GmbH
Nagelsweg 41-45
20097 Hamburg



Service Governance

The Trusted Introducer Service is operated by PRESECURE Consulting GmbH, Germany, in co-operation with other well known members of the community, under contract from the GEANT, which acts in this role on behalf of the TI Accredited and Certified teams that define and pay for the Trusted Introducer service and some of the TF-CSIRT activities.

The TF-CSIRT Steering Committee, which has taken the role of the previous TI Review Board, is coordinating the activities of the Task Force including the Trusted Introducer Service. It is comprised of the TF-CSIRT Chair, the TF-CSIRT Secretary (an ex-officio representative of GEANT) and four elected representatives. Regarding the TI Service the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Making decisions on team accreditation and certification in accordance with the guidelines agreed by the TI community.
  • Reviewing the performance of the Trusted Introducer Service and making recommendations to modify or expand it.

Service Manager

The service manager responsible for the service delivery is Dr. Klaus-Peter Kossakowski. In case of special requests or service escalations please contact him directly. If needed use his PGP key to encrypt any email send to him.

The TI Team

The TI team consists of several members, all with a long history serving in incident response or security teams in Europe. While we provide personal contact information and our public PGP keys we kindly ask you to take note of the following:

As all TI related communication is handled by an automated trouble ticket, we strongly advise you not to send any service related email to individual members of the TI staff. No service can be guaranteed in such cases!

  • Klaus-Peter Kossakowski
    • TI Service Manager and certification introducer
    • Mail address:
    • Key ID: 0x6B1A12C0
    • Fingerprint: 8F2F 5D1F F7DC 18EB 350C A9CA C115 2857 6B1A 12C0
  • Thorsten Homann
    • TI registry maintainer
    • Mail address:
  • Antonio Liu
    • TI registry maintainer and accreditation introducer
    • Mail address:
    • Key ID: 0x2EF02800
    • Fingerprint: 6D45 9B7D 6870 9826 CBF5 F6C8 38E5 A5D9 2EF0 2800
  • Mirek Maj
    • TI registry maintainer, accreditation and certification introducer
    • Mail address:
    • Key ID: 0xC6FA2C16
    • Fingerprint: A5CC 340F D7AD F292 53C6 8CC3 9953 90EF C6FA 2C16
  • Ewa Matusiak
    • TI registry maintainer, event management
    • Mail address:
    • Key ID: 0x03F1A3B5
    • Fingerprint: BCC4 E577 3116 5B2D B30A 9D9B 47DD 3395 03F1 A3B5
  • Don Stikvoort
    • TI accreditation and certification introducer
    • Mail address:
    • Key ID: 0x7111E05E
    • Fingerprint: AD60 14DB B16C BAA3 56B9 3A00 595B EBFC 7111 E05E
  • Mirko Wollenberg
    • TI registry maintainer and accreditation introducer
    • Mail address:
    • Key ID: 0x004BD49B
    • Fingerprint: 5A12 324E 1A40 5CAB BCA2 C23B 64B5 8934 004B D49B