12 Jan. 2021

Membership Statistics

The figure below shows the development since 2009 and the continuous success in most recent years. Detailed numbers are available on request, the numbers for 2020 are factual based on the status on 31 December 2020. The somewhat lower increase clearly visible is due to the introduction of mandatory re-listing after three years in 2019 based on a decision of the TI Accredited and Certified teams. This ensures that teams receive and maintain trust by the TI community. Overall already more than 33 teams had to be removed from the TI Directory due to the lack of operational stability or lacking support by the TI community.

The following figure shows the last 10 years of service:

TI Membership Statistics

Below you find the same status, but for all years since 2000, when TI started to list teams.

TI Membership Statistics