Evolutio-CERT (ES)

since 22 May 2022
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Official Name Short Name Country
Evolutio-CERT Evolutio-CERT (ES) Spain
Established Host Organisation
26 Jul 2021 Host Organization: Evolutio Cloud Enabler SAU. EVOLUTIO CLOUD ENABLER S.A.


Constituency Type Country of Constituency
Commercial Organisation Spain
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Evolutio CERT is for our customers and our company. It was created with the mission to protect the information, monitoring existing control systems and digital assets to detect unauthorized activities, intrusions, vulnerabilities, violations of procedures, policies and acceptable use. Provide direct support to our customers in the event of a cyber security incident to contain, eradicate and restore information systems to their original state.

Our goal is to be recognized as a meeting point and lead collaborative initiatives, therefore, positioning our services and clients in the application of cybersecurity technologies.

Team Contact Information

Main Number Emergency Number Fax Number
+34 91 275 9993
+34 91 275 9993
Email Other contact Postal Address
evolutio.cert@evolutio.com - Evolutio-CERT
Isabel Colbrand, 8
28050 Madrid
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Business Hours Timezone
9 am. to 6 pm, CET Monday to Friday Europe/Madrid


Type:   RSA/3072    Expires: 2023-05-09 -- EXPIRED!  [EXPIRED!]
Fpr:    FC4B A421 BF4B 7032 4E01 C818 B158 252D C125 840E
Sub:    RSA/3072  Usage: Encrypt  EXPIRED!: 2023-05-09  [EXPIRED!]
UID:    Evolutio CERT <evolutio.CERT@evolutio.com>


FIRST Full Member since 18 Feb 2022
FORO CSIRT.es Full Member since 25 Mar 2022


Current State Entry Date
since 22 May 2022
30 Apr 2022
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Date Description
22 May 2022 Evolutio-CERT (ES) is now a listed team