HiSolutions Blue Team (DE)

HiSolutions Blue Team
since 14 Sep 2023
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HiSolutions Blue Team HiSolutions Blue Team (DE) Germany
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01 Jan 2014 HiSolutions is a well-known German management and technology consulting company for security and digitalization. With a combination of highly specialized know-how HiSolutions has helped customers for the last 30 years with conceptual, strategic work and innovation. HiSolutions acts as one of the Incident-Response service-providers recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) offering services like Incident Response, Crisis Management, IT-Forensics and Disaster Recovery.


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The HiSolutions Incident-Response-Team provides DFIR-services to costumers that have a standing service agreement and insurance holders of certain cyber security insurance companies. This requires performing Incident Response, Crisis Management, Forensics and other Incident Response related services for customers and clients.
Additionally, the HiSolutions Incident Response-Team also acts as the internal DFIR-Team.

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Main Number Emergency Number Fax Number
+49 30 5332890 central service point
Email Other contact Postal Address
info@hisolutions.com - HiSolutions AG
Schlossstr. 1
12163 Berlin
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Business Hours Timezone
9:00-18:00 Mo-Sun Europe/Berlin


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since 14 Sep 2023
22 Aug 2023
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  • from "HiSolutions IRT (DE)" to "HiSolutions Blue Team (DE)" on 14 Sep 2023


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