Irish Reporting and Information Security Service CERT
since 16 May 2010

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Irish Reporting and Information Security Service CERT IRISSCERT Ireland
Established Host Organisation
01 Nov 2008 The Irish Reporting and Information Security Service (IRISS) is an independent not for profit company limited by guarantee founded in 2008 to provide a range of free services to Irish businesses and consumers in relation to information security issues to help counter the security threats posed to the Irish businesses and the Irish Internet space. Our ability to provide our services is possible due to the support of our sponsors which are listed at


Constituency Type Country of Constituency
Non-Commercial Organisation Ireland
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IRISS-CERT provides services to all organisations within the Republic of Ireland. As such our constituency are based in the following sectors;
- SME Sector
- Financial organisations
- Public bodies
- Commercial Bodies
- Non-Commercial Organisations
- Non Governmental Organisations

The mission statement of the IRISS-CERT is;

"To provide a range of high quality information security based services to aid Irish based organisations and citizens to better secure their information technology facilities and services in accordance with industry recognised standards and compliance requirements, to provide high quality research services on current and potential information security threats facing its constituency, to provide information security prevention, response and mitigation strategies to its constituency and to become a recognised centre of information security excellence for national and international organisations to refer to. "

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Main Number Emergency Number Fax Number
+353 1 4404065
+353 1 4404065
+353 86 8114066
Email Other contact Postal Address twitter @irisscert
Facebook page
The Irish Reporting and Information Security Service
Suite B022.
The LINC Centre
Blanchardstown Road North
Dublin 15
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Business Hours Timezone
09:00 to 17:00 on Irish Business Days Europe/Dublin


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Current State Entry Date
since 16 May 2010
21 Apr 2009
Date of Accreditation Date of Certification
16 May 2010 -

Name Changes

This team has changed names:

  • from "IRISS CERT" to "IRISSCERT" on 26 Feb 2015


Date Description
16 May 2010 IRISSCERT is now an accredited team
04 Dec 2009 IRISSCERT is now an accreditation candidate team
21 Apr 2009 IRISSCERT is now a listed team