mnemonic Incident Response Team
since 08 May 2017

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Team Details

Official Name Short Name Country
mnemonic Incident Response Team mIRT Norway
Established Host Organisation
01 Jan 2002 mnemonic AS (Norway) mnemonic AB (Sweden)


Constituency Type Country of Constituency
Commercial Organisation, Service Provider Customer Base *Europe, *World Wide
ASNs, Domains, IP ranges Description of Formal Constituency


mIRT offers services both internally to the host organisation mnemonic and externally to customers.
For our commercial customers we support and do consultancy regarding proactive services and incident response. The services are delivered both on-demand and as a set service with regular activities. For the host organisation, we deliver continuous proactive services and incident response. mIRT shall prevent and respond to internal incidents within the organization of mnemonic.
Since mIRT is a commercial Incident Response Team and provide various services there are few restrictions on, which countries that define our constituency. The focus countries are within Europe. For delivering services related to PCI we have limited the scope to only be Europe.

Team Contact Information

Main Number Emergency Number Fax Number
+47 23 20 47 41
+47 23 20 47 47
+47 416 11 781
+47 23 20 47 01
Email Other contact Postal Address
mirt@mnemonic.no - mnemonic as
Henrik Ibsens gate 100
NO-0255 Oslo
Automated Reporting E-Mail Autom. Rep. Supported Formats
- -
Business Hours Timezone
24 hours 7 days Europe/Oslo


Type:   DSA/1024    Expires: never
Fpr:    DD1C 1B6B 3749 EF73 CEBD 6DD3 837B A973 BD84 B881
Sub:    Elgamal/4096  Usage: Encrypt
UID:    mnemonic IRT (mnemonic IRT) <mirt@mnemonic.no>
UID:    mnemonic IRT <irt@mnemonic.no>


FIRST Full Member since 01 May 2010


Current State Entry Date
since 08 May 2017
14 Feb 2014
Date of Accreditation Date of Certification
08 May 2017 -


Date Description
08 May 2017 mIRT is now an accredited team
08 Feb 2017 mIRT is now an accreditation candidate team
14 Feb 2014 mIRT is now a listed team