The Trusted Introducer service (TI) maintains the European database of cyber security teams, including CSIRTs, CERTs, SOCs, PCSIRTs, ISACs, etc. The teams in the TI Directory are known as "listed" teams. Listed teams have been approved by those teams that have - in addition to be listed - been accredited and/or certified. See the "Processes" section for more information about these steps.

Accredited and certified teams are a subset of the listed teams and fulfill the requirements of the formal TI accreditation (see How to become accredited for further information).

Below you find the publicly available data of all listed teams - these data is maintained only on request or when errors are observed or reported, and are provided on a best effort basis only. On the other hand the listed teams need to be re-listed every three years so there is a basic quality.

Additionally, the publicly available data for all accredited and certified teams is offered. Those teams have committed themselves to keep their data sets current and factual.

The data on offer here publicly is only a subset of the data available about these teams. Accredited and certified teams have full access to all data sets.

Team Database

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Team Information as JSON data

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Team information for listed teams from A..Z by country
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