Actually European teams started to coordinate their activities much earlier, in late 1993 there was the first European meeting with only - or already - seven teams represented! Therefore we celebrate 30 years of European and 35 years of Global Incident Response Coordination co-organized together with FIRST and hosted by the OpenCSIRT Foundation with the OCSC Conference in 2024.

The OCSC is a unique event to celebrate 30 years of international collaboration of European cyber security and incident management teams within a truly global community of trusted practitioners. But instead of looking back, the conference will focus on the future of security incident management and how to address the challenges ahead. The OCSC conference provides a forum for the exchange of goals, ideas, and information on how to improve cyber hygiene and resilience on a global scale.

Organized by the OpenCSIRT Foundation (OCF) in close collaboration with TF-CSIRT and FIRST.