TF-CSIRT/TI Meeting September 2024

The upcoming 72nd TF-CSIRT meeting will take place at Prague (CZ) from 25th to 26th September 2024, with some additional trainings on the 27th September 2024. The restricted 58th TI meeting will be part of it.

We gratefully thank our local host CESNET.

Team representatives of TI listed, TI accredited or TI certified teams, and TI associates can register for the meeting and the trainings on TITUS - TI Team Update Selfservice Portal at:
If you have any issues with registration or are not from any of the groups above, please send an email to <> using the subject: 'Prague TF-CSIRT Meeting Registration'. 

Logistical details and the agenda for the open part of the meeting will be maintained on the TF-CSIRT web site only (