These are individuals whose experience and/or skills can be of clear benefit to the TF-CSIRT/TI Community, but who are not member of an TI Accredited team (anymore) and thus cannot contribute through their team (anylonger).

The TI Accredited and Certified Teams have formally approved a TI Associates Policy outlining the process and rules related to becoming a TI Associate for the first time and the required renewels. At least two (2) individuals from the TI community, from different entities, need to jointly nominate a candidate. After the nominations and the interest of the nominee are confirmed, the TI community is asked for any formal support. A minimum of five (5) accredited or certified teams need to formally support the nomination and there must be no objections. After three weeks the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee will decide on the acceptance and outcome of the nomination process. There are no fees to be paid by TI Associates.

If you are interested in becoming a TI Associate you will need the support of TI Accredited and Certified Teams. In order to clarify your questions regarding the process, specific requirements and how to secure the formal support of the teams please contact the TI Team.