Whenever new teams would like to become part of the TI community, it needs to be registered or "listed". For this new teams need explicit support from members of this trusted community. There are a lot of different reasons to become listed! No fees will be charged for listed teams, although registration fees for events might apply if charged for a particular event the team attends.

Process flow for TI Listing

The Process for new Listing Candidates

The TI team encourages all applying teams to engage already TI Accredited teams to support their registration, as it is always easier for new teams, to have at least two sponsors at the time of the listing request.

After a team has applied for registration the procedure is as follows:

  • The registration application is distributed inside the TI community.
  • Within three weeks the applying candidate needs at least two accredited teams to explicitly support its application.
  • Additionally no objections must be raised within the TI community. Any member from the TI community, i.e. accredited team members, TI Associates, can object against a candidate. Objections will be handled with care - the TI team will negotiate the needed confidentiality with the objecter.
  • The TI team informs the accredited teams of the outcome of the application.
  • Rejected teams do have the right to re-apply right after they receive the outcome message, although we recommend to take some time to discuss with potential sponsoring teams any new registration application to be sure, the voting passed in favour of your team the next time.
  • After three or more consecutive rejections any new registration application will be automatically rejected without any voting.
  • If a automatically rejected team believes that the situation or circumstances (causing the rejection) has changed significantly, it might request a decision of the TF-CSIRT Steering Committee to allow a new registration application. It is important that the team explains what has changed and why it is likely that the team will be accepted this time.

Re-Listing every three years

To increase the default trust level within the TI Community, all "listed" teams that have not become "accredited" within three years after their initial registration or the last successful "re-listing" are required to be accepted for another three year period. Again this requires explicit support from members of this trusted community. If there is no support, the team will be removed and no longer shown as "listed". For the re-listing the same procedure as for the "listing" is used.

Process flow for TI Re-Listing

In addition, the procedures require any re-listing candidate to meet the following conditions:

  • having two people registered as team representatives -- two for resiliency, each of those must have a valid e-mail address and valid PGP/GPG key
  • valid team e-mail address and PGP/GPG key for the team
  • latest update or up-to-date notice of team information within the TI Directory not older than 12 months

The TI team encourages all listed teams to attend TF-CSIRT meetings to meet other teams and secure the on-going support of the community!

Related Materials

Useful materials for this process are:

For TI Accredited / Certified teams there is a short guide when and how to sponsor a new TI listing candidate on the "members only" web site!

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